November 28, 2022

6 Best Pens for Drawing on Skin

Drawing on the skin is one of the most popular ways to express personal expression and artistic freedom. It’s a trendy body beautifying process that shows both men and women to get a unique and satisfying feel. It is a means of body reclaiming by which you feel a high level of esteem. When you are drawing on your skin, you need to use safe and best pens for drawing on your skin.

However, permanent body design needs to pass through a miserable process; you may search for a painless alternative. Temporary body designs are the same as permanent; provide the same style and texture on the skin in a cheaper way. Let’s move on with the best pens for drawing on the skin in order to get your desired one.

Best Pens for Drawing on Skin

Brand Name Image Rating Price
BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker Pen 9.3 View on Amazon
Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen 9.0 View on Amazon
Toysmith Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens 9.0 View on Amazon
Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens 8.4 View on Amazon
ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers Skin Marker Pen 9.0 View on Amazon
Blue Squid Face & Body Painting Makeup Crayons 8.8 View on Amazon

1. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker Pen

Nobody can compromise the safety issue to be more beautiful. Based on this motto, BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers comes to turn your body canvas into a creative field. The flexible matter is, it can successfully draw a thin line for a precise image. Not only the thin lining, when you need broad or thick strokes, BIC also allows you for a daring message on your body.

The ink present in this marker pen is brighter and clear. Tattoos you are going to draw on your skin will appear in a detailed and clear presentation. It is one of the standard black tattoo ink; most tattoo makers use this to design any temporary tattoos.

Customer satisfaction is high with this product. Tattoos last for a few hours. Users can easily get it off only by rubbing it with soap. No extra sticky or glue-like residues are left after removing it off.

BIC is safe and creates no skin problems. The only problem with BIC is that you cannot get a productive result on a wet surface. And it needs a little more time to dry it off completely.

Key Features

Cosmetic Quality: It is a tattoo marker but features a cosmetic quality. BIC comes into production after getting all the cosmetics regulations for their marker. Only you need to test before drawing the tattoo if you have sensitive skin.

Safe: As a marker pen, it is supposed to exert an irritation feel on the skin. But the good news is that it never exerts any irritation on the skin. So you can call it is a safe but great body beautifying agent.

Broader Action: You will get a few tattoo markers that can draw both the thin line and the heavy strokes. BIC is such an awesome tattoo marker; it can draw both a precise image and a daring image. The flexible tip it has is capable of both purposes.

Bright and Versatile Use: It’s a complete package with eight assorted markers. Users can go with a wide variety of designs for any special occasion (like sporting events, parties, any special event, and so much more).

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2. Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen

Skin Companion Twin-Tip Tattoo Pen is available for you with a promising feature to meet your demand, if you are struggling yourself to get a vivid drawing on your skin.

This marker set comes in seven colors covering all the vibrant shades needs for your basic drawing on skin. All these basic shades can draw any image like a flower or more vibrating calligraphy.

Plus, twin tips (one is for thin lining and the other is for broad lining) offer clogging or smearing free for detailed imaging. It includes all quick-drying inks and can easily hold on or clean off features.

Though these inks are rarely last in contact with rain or shower water still, if you can utilize those in a tricky manner, it will beautify you even on your sensitive skin.

Key Features

Seven Colors: The different ink that comes with Skin Companion are safe ink. Each color is beautifully released from the tips throughout the whole tattoo-making time. However, all the assortment of colors like red, green, blue, pink, yellow, blue, black colored ink makes this tattoo marker suffice for any drawing.

Budget-Friendly: It is one of the most budget-friendly temporary tattoo markers. And it gives a very good tattoo-making session both for the professional tattoo designer & the newbie. If you want to enjoy a clean and enjoyable tattoo session more cheaply, it would be perfect.

Come off Easily: Anybody can use these pens. All these are easily washable and much suitable for you. However, at the end of your party event, you can easily rub off this tattoo.

Tattoo Artist Love: The quick-drying formula makes it is tattooist lover pen marker. This product is German-made and bears fantastic quality. Users can easily hold up and easily clean it off from the skin when they need it.

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3. Toysmith Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens

Toysmith Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens can draw your kid’s attention from a smart gadget to beautifying the body. The safe and adorable ink collections from Toysmith can create fun and enjoyment both for kids and adults.

Toysmith is a reputed brand; manufacture all items in a promising way to being the most imaginative toys for the child up to 6 years age.

Unlike any cheaper marker pen, it maintains the highest safety standard with a hundred percent non-toxic preparation. It is safe and gives no irritation to sensitive skin.

This tattoo ink is perfect for all aged groups for Children or adults. It is easily washable. The user-friendly features of this product make it is one of the best pens for drawing on skin.

Key Features

Adorable Gift Item: You could pick this pen for your seven or eight year’s child. Your child will fall in love to doodle all over the body using the Toysmith tattoo marker. All the ink comes with strong stencils, so suitable for a freehand design.

Lots of Fun: The shimmery colors make the tattoos gorgeous on any colored skin. The easy-off feature makes it is user-friendly. Especially kids can make a lot of fun using the sticker stencils (tiny but cute).

Non-Toxic: All these gel inks are non-toxic and free from any hazardous ingredients. Children with age 6 can go through this unit safely. After hours of fun, it can remove easily. Maintaining the highest safety standard, it becomes one of the perfect tattoo markers for all age groups.

A Complete Package: It is a complete package of 6 gel pens and 3 plastic stencils. Each gel pens are very vibrant, features different charming color. And the plastic stencil offers several designs so that users can make some awesome unique tattoos.

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4. Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens

Vanli’s tattoo makers are a fusion of quality, service, and satisfaction. First of all, so many vibrant colors like purple, bronze, pink, blue, silver (metallic brush pens), black, brown, pink, red, orange, and yellow (original fine felt tip pen) open a new door towards lots of options. Secondly, the stencils (50 pcs!) come with this pen allow quick and easy tattoo-making on your beautiful skin.

Vanli’s all products are skin safe. The non-permanent skin pen they are producing, suitable for any tattoo. Once you draw tattoos with this, no skin irritation will originate as they have got ASTM & cosmetic standards, therefore safe for sensitive skin.

However, metallic’s contents are awesome to give a cute and perfect finishing. All links are easy to use and quickly washable. As these inks are very thin, allow a quicker dry.

Only the problem is, they feature a chance to dry out instantly and instantly wash off!

Key Features

Skin Safe Ink: All the marker pens come as the package content, manufactured using all non-toxic pigments. These pigments are compiled with the ASTM & USA cosmetic standard and come from a natural source.

Premium Ingredients: The ingredients of this tattoo marker are a few non-toxic natural pigments, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sodium lignosulfonate, titanium dioxide, and water. All these ingredients are skin-friendly and do not leave any sticky residues after cleaning.

Vivid Color: Each of these temporary tattoo pens can exert a beautiful color on the skin. It includes 6 fine felt tattoo pens,7 metallic brush pens, and 50 pcs of stencil papers as product content.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Only a limited unit can satisfy you with its quality, service, and durability. Fortunately, Vanli’s temporary tattoo pen offers you guaranteed satisfaction.

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5. ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers Skin Marker Pen

A hundred percent new and high-quality temporary tattoo marker, like, ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Marker is getting very demandable nowadays. These pens are perfect for drawing any tattoos on the skin, locating the injecting point as well. They have a good reputation as the safest non-permanent tattoo pen; no odd feel on the skin, offer very clear & safe use.

ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers have come with graded medical features, non-consumption of any toxic ingredients, and no topical stimulation. All are environment-friendly ink, perfect for human skin.

The package content of ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers is- 3 pcs pens with different dia. For the tattooist or the microblade, these inks are great. Until you take a hot shower, the tattoos rarely will wipe away.

Key Features

Great for Skin: They are medical-grade body markers. Health professionals use this market to locate the place where they are going to push the injection. So these inks never will harm your skin.

Work Good: ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers are hundred percent okay to work as per your on-skin demand. Tattoos can hold up on the skin better than a sharpie. If you use some primer before drawing with these pens, it could help more (my prediction).

Perfect Microblading & Micro-pigmentation: It is one of the best pens for drawing on the skin perfectly usable both for Microblading & Micro-pigmentation. No matter how you move your hands, your eyebrow is never going to lose its shape. They are good to stay on the skin; eyebrows remain untouched for a long time.

Hard to Come Off: These pens are very good for drawing images for beautifying purposes or locating inject purposes. Whereas an ordinary tattoo pen easily wipes out within a few minutes, these have a trend to wipe out after a few hours.

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6. Blue Squid Face & Body Painting Makeup Crayons

If you are searching a face paint crayons to utilize as a birthday or Halloween gift for your baby, visit Blue Squid face & body crayons. You will find skin safe, high quality, easy on/off, and hypoallergenic non-permanent tattoo markers from here.

With 36 Longer color sticks, these crayons allow a rainbow-type painting efficiently. The supplied crayons are sufficient to color 100 plus face beautifully.

The sturdy and reliable carry case included here makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. This product is safe for the skin. It is easy to use and can be used at the school carnival, festivals, Halloween, any parties, theatre performance, etc.

Key Features

Safe for Sensitive Skin: These face sticks are safe for sensitive skin. All are super commercial graded and US complaints. Therefore, perfect both for the toddler or user with sensitive skin.

Versatile Use: Face Paint Crayons offer versatile usage for parties or any festive events. You can go with this product for the school festival, church events, carnivals, birthday parties, army camouflages, military performances, belly dance, theatre performances, role play, any superhero-type activities, and so on.

Exciting Free Bonus: When you pick one Blue Squid item, you will get instant access to a stunning free bonus. You and your child will get the excess for the online kid’s face painting.

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The Bottom Line

You don’t like to hurt your body; that doesn’t mean you cannot draw over there. A non-permanent body drawing gives the same realistic looks if you can pick the correct marker. Like the permanent one, this pen never will penetrate the skin, nor will it push towards a skin wound. Moreover, if you become bored with the same design, you can easily wash it out to get another one.

Beauty lovers are everywhere to catch the trend, drawing on the skin also not far from this. It’s one sort of self-expression, gives a magical time healing, self-satisfaction, and a good time spending with others.

So you can go with any of the enlisted best pens for drawing on skin. These pens are not poisonous and do not bleed or spread on the body surface.

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