November 28, 2022

5 Best Fabric Medium for Acrylic Paint

The fabric medium essentially plays a crucial role to make acrylic-based paint stunning. It makes the paints more workable, lightweight, and flexible. A quality medium also ensures optimal sheen and softness of paint by reducing color bleed and improving color blending. That’s why it has turned into an essential tool for all professional artists or craft lovers. If you want to manipulate it on your projects, you need to sort out the best fabric medium for acrylic paint I am providing here.

Best Fabric Medium for Acrylic Paint

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Liquitex Professional Effects Fabric Medium, 4-oz 9.4 View on Amazon
Golden Artist Colors Acrylic Series Gac 900 Heat Set Fabric Medium 9.6 View on Amazon
Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint (8-Ounce) 0802 Textile Medium 9.2 View on Amazon
FolkArt (8-Ounce) 796 Textile Medium Acrylic Paint 9.2 View on Amazon
DecoArt DAS10-3 Americana Mediums Fabric Painting, 2-Ounce 9.2 View on Amazon

1. Liquitex Professional Effects Fabric Medium

If you want to get your acrylic paints diluted and adhesive, you need to pick the Liquitex effects medium for brilliant results. It will turn your acrylic paints into masterpieces by enhancing blending and thickening color inks. Besides, all of your paints will get rid of color bleeding with the mix of such an effective medium. Most notably, this fabric medium is prompt to reduce the stiffness of your paints while those are dry. It doesn’t need any heat setting.

This fluid medium incorporates an acrylic polymer to improve the flexibility and workability of your paints. It’s permanent and resists water when gets dried. The formulation of high-quality resins makes it ideal for long-term use. Your acrylic paints won’t be affected by yellowing, cracking, and peeling as the Liquitex can protect against all the possible issues. It gets mixed into the paints very fast and can break water tension to increase the flow. By creating a substantial effect, it adds richness to the acrylic colors.

It’s perfect for having a smooth texture on your paints. For growing the depth and transparency of color, nothing can beat it. In order to get your paints protected from ultraviolet light and the environment, it should be the first-aid tool in your toolbox. You could achieve any desired result on fabric through this first-rate effect medium. The overall volume of this product is 118 milliliters and the weight is 5.3 ounces. You could grab it at an affordable price range.

Key Features

  • The effect medium comes with top-quality resin and an acrylic polymer to enhance workability.
  • It improves the color blending and dilutes the colors at a significant margin.
  • It can efficiently control color bleeding and increase the adhesion range.
  • Your acrylic paints will get rid of ultraviolet rays, yellowing, and many more external issues it.
  • The medium dries out soon, resists water, and lasts long to give you optimal support.

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2. Golden Artist Colors Acrylic Series Gac 900 Heat Set Fabric Medium

If you’re accustomed to producing fabric paints, you can go for this quality medium to have a great finish. It will offer you soft and thick acrylic fabric ink without even changing the actual color. Your paints will find utmost adhesion and increased color blending with the touch of this gas 900 medium. As it is widely used for painting on clothing, it comes with all the components to ensure laundering ability and excellent film formulation. It needs to set up the heat to modify your acrylic paints.

You will have a sufficient amount of defoamers, surfactants, levelers, and thickeners in it to make hand-brushed or screen-applied paintings. It can be blended with various acrylic colors to add permanent paint to fabrics. You could adjust the optical properties of the paints to have a variety of applications. Compared to other fabric mediums, it can provide more surface sheen. It’s perfect for protecting ultraviolet rays, yellowing, and water when the paint gets dried.

The usage of this fabric medium is very simple. You could apply it without facing any obstacle. It’s an 8 ounces bottle and formulated for long-term durability. To reduce stiffness and increase blending time, it has been the first choice for all professional artists. You will have superior absorbency flowing through this first-class fabric medium. Even it won’t cost you much money to purchase. Hence you can opt for it without having any further hesitation.

Key Features

  • It’s a heat-setting medium that is used comprehensively for brushing, airbrushing, and screen printing.
  • The 900 gas medium can provide excellent laundering ability and a soft hand.
  • You will find increased color blending, superior adhesion, and impressive thickness over the paint.
  • You could blend it with various acrylic colors without changing the actual colors.
  • It’s perfect for painting on clothing and comes with an 8 ounces bottle to serve you.

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3. Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint (8-Ounce) 0802 Textile Medium

Despite thousands of fabric mediums out there, Delta Creative has been worthy of remark to have the intended results on painting. It’s regarded to be the best fabric medium for acrylic paint because of its top-notch performance. You will have flexible and washable fabric paints by mixing them with acrylic paint. The paint won’t bleed or run with the touch of this high adhesive medium. It will take the best care of your fabric by penetrating fabric fiber. Without cracking, it dries out soon.

It allows air dry and machine wash. The prewash fabric helps to remove sizing and the water-based components offer easy cleanup. You don’t need to concern with safety as it doesn’t contain odor and toxic materials. It’s resistant to water, ultraviolet rays, stains, and many more impacts. Apart from painting on fabric, it seems great for having a staining effect on raw canvas. It becomes pre-filtered and always ready to use. Along with slowing the drying time of paints, it helps in breaking water tension and improving absorbency.

Compared to other mediums, it can enhance the workability of acrylic colors on fabric more precisely. If you’re working in low humidity, it can be your right option to go. It’s available in 8 ounces bottle and needs a very small investment. You can apply this extraordinary fluid right away to erase all of your concerns. Besides, it will enhance the richness of colors by adding a metallic effect to your paints. So you should set your mind to it confidently.

Key Features

  • It comes with textile medium colors and can be mixed with acrylic paint at ease.
  • It ensures the permanency of paint by penetrating fiber fabric and the prewashed fabric removes sizing.
  • The fast-drying, easy-mixing, and bleed-resistant capabilities make it perfect for professional use.
  • You will find easy clean-up and long-term durability through this classical medium.
  • It has no odor and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals to ensure risk-free application.

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4. FolkArt (8-Ounce) 796 Textile Medium Acrylic Paint

You can choose the FolkArt medium to make paints soft for wearable fabrics. It can be used with acrylic colors to have a permanent and bleed-free effect on the fabric. You will find flexible and washable paint over the surface through this excellent medium. It’s completely water-based and gets mixed with colors faster. By getting absorbed over the surface, the FolkArt increases transparency and flows at a significant margin. It also promotes the sheen of the fabric remarkably.

It will offer you a smooth texture and the highest color blending scope over time. The water-resistant and yellowing protection advantage will bring your crafting confidence to the upper stage. In order to enhance the depth of color, it seems handier than any other traditional effect medium. It allows easy clean-up with soap and water while wet. The formation of non-toxic materials makes it highly hygienic. You find improved color penetration and richness with the touch of this significant medium.

It’s saturated for long-term use and very cost-effective. As a professional artist or decorative crafter, you could grab all the potential facilities through it to create some impressive paints. The overall dimension of this product is 2 x 2 x 6.75 inches whereas the weight range is 10.4 ounces. Most importantly, you could apply it for having sculptural effects on various surfaces. Hence it can be your right choice to snatch the utmost results in your paintworks.

Key Features

  • The medium is ideal for creating professional artworks and wearable fabrics.
  • It offers a permanent, washable, painted, and bleed-free effect on fabrics.
  • You can mix it with acrylic colors to produce great paintings on various surfaces.
  • It’s perfect for increasing color blending, having excellent adhesion, and reducing stiffness.

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5. DecoArt DAS10-3 Americana Mediums Fabric Painting, 2-Ounce

The DecoArt medium is perfect for thriving the blending and detailing of colors on fabrics. It can be mixed with acrylic colors to improve the adhesion of acrylic paints. You will have a soft-finish design and permanent paint on fabrics through this masterpiece. It promotes color penetration to produce elegant texture on the surface. The clothing and home décor fabrics projects seem incomplete and unsuccessful without the touch of such an efficient art material.

It can strongly prevent cracking, fading, and peeling to present you with glamorous paints. Moreover, the fabric will get rid of all the atmospheric impacts like ultraviolet rays, oxidation, yellowing, water, and so on. It dries out soon and can manage the thicker layer of colors. With the fast-absorbing and flowing capabilities, it has been caught on. It protects the bleeding of color at a great margin and never causes any safety concerns.

It doesn’t need any heat setting and can bring down the stiffness of paints perfectly. In order to add texture and body to the painted form, it has been the first choice among professional craft passionate. The increased workability and blending time will stimulate you to craft something impressive all along. Its weight is 2.39 ounces and its dimension is 1.25 x 1.25 x 4 inches. You will have dramatic effects on fabric through this top-notch fabric medium.

Key Features

  • The medium is ideal for improving the adhesion and sheen of colors on fabrics.
  • It can resist color bleeding and enhance the blending of colors perfectly.
  • Prevents peeling, cracking, and fading to offer you quality paints.
  • It can leave permanent and washable paint on the fabric and offer a soft-finish design.
  • You will have improved color penetration and elegant texture on the surface through it.

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The Bottom Line

The demand for fabric medium is at its peak because of its usability and performance. It’s has been an integral part of accomplishing embellishing art projects. A professional artist always fetches the best fabric medium for acrylic paint to create some masterpieces. If you have an association with the art projects, you for sure need to apply the high-efficient mediums to get the desired results.

As you’ve already been familiar with some of the first-class fabric mediums for acrylic paint, you can opt for one of those. You will find all the required facilities through the mentioned medium in order to fill all of your expectations. All the narrated solutions have the ability to bind to the fabric. These will bring a positive outcome for you and inspire you to adhere to fabrics all along.

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