January 26, 2023

5 Best Painting Kits for Beginners

Best Painting Kits for Beginners

Painting kits for beginners are all about great creative learning tools. You can explore and express your creative faculty through drawing arts and crafts as you love. If you’re aiming to start your painting journey before long, you need to choose the best painting kits for beginners. The best kits have an assortment of paints, brushes, and palettes that will help you get a grasp on painting techniques and create a piece you will be proud to display in your home. Focusing on a particular technique is the key when starting out with painting kits.

There are many different painting kits that you can use. The one that you select should depend on the type of painting that you want to do. For example, if you are interested in acrylic painting, then a kit with acrylic paint would be best for you.

Best Painting Kits for Beginners

Brand Name Image Rating Price
KEFF Creations Acrylic Paint Set – 54 Piece Professional Artist Painting Supplies Kit 9.5 View on Amazon
Shuttle Art Complete Acrylic Painting Set-59 Pack Professional Painting Supplies 9.5 View on Amazon
J MARK Art Canvas Paint Set Supplies – 22-Piece Canvas Acrylic Painting Kit with Wood Easel 9.2 View on Amazon
Nicpro Beginner Acrylic Paint Set 9.3 View on Amazon
LOOMINI Painting Kit: 24 Acrylic Paint Set 9.3 View on Amazon

1. KEFF Creations Acrylic Paint Set – 54 Piece Professional Artist Painting Supplies Kit

You should focus on a painting kit with everything you need to get started. And this can be a perfect pick for you as it comes with a wide range of paint colors, brushes, paper or canvas, and an instructional booklet with tutorials for beginners. Whether you’re hoping to explore abstract expressionism, watercolor painting, or realism, this artist-quality, beginner-friendly, and handy acrylic paint set will aid you most at all times. All the included stuff of this kit is made of high-quality materials and designed for beginners.

The painting set features 24 tubes of acrylic colors which will be enough to create impressive artwork. The set also includes a large number of quality brushes, which means you won’t have to purchase any additional tools. Also, you could experience different strokes through these classic paintbrushes. A table easel is included to bring utmost easement to you. The wooden table easel is sturdy, adjustable, and free of shake.   Moreover, with the 6 stretched canvasses, you could find optimal convenient to unleash your artistic talent with much praise. No doubt it can be an art studio for you to turn your ideas into a colorful masterpiece.

In order to deliver you a professional finish over time, the set comprises an acrylic blender and varnish. The thick and rich pigment of colors will allow you to quality painting, no matter how rigorous the surfaces are. With various sizes and shapes of knives, you will get a stunning opportunity to mix paints on the palette and apply paint to the canvas. It contains many more excellent paint accessories that you need to carry out fantastic artwork.

Key Features

  • The painting set comes with up to 54 pieces of painting kits to offer you complete service.
  • It includes up to 24 high-pigmented, vivid, and vibrant paint colors to allow you to paint a masterpiece.
  • You will find six stretched canvasses to unfold your creativity with a good finish.
  • The set features a wide variety of paintbrushes in order that you find different strokes and painting experiences.
  • It offers a wooden table, acrylic blender, varnish, and many more painting accessories.

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2. Shuttle Art Complete Acrylic Painting Set-59 Pack Professional Painting Supplies

Who doesn’t want a set with a large number of accessories? Obviously, you are aiming to choose such a painting set that has an assortment of all the necessary materials. And this paint set is manufactured to meet your needs and help you to reach your ultimate painting destination. The materials are available in a variety of themes so that you can express your creativity with your favorite character or object. You will have up to 30 acrylic paint colors to craft something with great embellishment. The colors are highly-pigmented and free of unhygienic ingredients. All these are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces apart from the canvass.

A wood tabletop easel is included to offer you a great experience in painting with extensive canvasses. The easel is portable, durable, foldable, and adjustable. With the inclusion of 5 canvas panels, it has been an excellent paint kit. You will also get 16 sheets of acrylic painting pad that is certainly a unique specialty of this kit. In order to mix colors, you definitely need a color palette; and that’s why the paint set comes with a plastic and a wood palette. It also incorporates a sponge and a painting knife to aid you. A water bucket is also attached to the box to deliver you more privilege in use.

In a canvas bag, you will find up to 12 professional brushes. The brushes are ideal for having different strokes. In a word, the paint set will offer you abundant and high-quality accessories to quality artwork. All the accessories will ensure a long time of use and leave a creative effect on your art project. The kit is ideal for both beginners and advanced artists. You could start painting as soon as you unbox it. If you’re habituated with daily painting, this set can be an ideal pick for you as it improves your painting skill and brings more fun to your life.

Key Features

  • The set comes with 59 pieces of acrylic painting materials to fulfill your need for art painting.
  • This set features a foldable and durable wood tabletop easel to allow you to keep painting with much relaxation.
  • It incorporates 30 different acrylic color paints and a large number of multi-sized canvasses.
  • The set includes 16 sheets of acrylic painting pad, 5 canvas panels, and two different palettes.
  • You will find 12 professional-grade brushes, a sponge, a water bucket, and a painting knife through this set.

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3. J MARK Art Canvas Paint Set Supplies – 22-Piece Canvas Acrylic Painting Kit with Wood Easel

Novice artists often want the best art kits for beginners to proceed on. Art Canvas Paint Set Supplies is a 22-piece canvas acrylic painting kit that contains everything you need to get started. There are 2 blank cotton canvases in different sizes and a sturdy wood easel. The easel comes with stretch-free rubberized materials and is up to 12 inches tall. So you will find the sublime easement to keep painting for long hours. With 5 artist-grade paintbrushes, you could paint smoothly over any surface. The brushes feature nylon hair and a comfortable handle. That means you will never get hurt in your hand. A paint palette with ten wells will aid you most to get your job perfectly done.

A large flat brush and a wood palette knife are also provided to allow you to create endless color combinations without even making a mess. To let you create incredible masterpieces, the set incorporates 12 premium-quality, vivid, and vibrant acrylic paints. The paints blend smoothly over the harsh surfaces and weigh up to 12 ml each. These will not fade over time at all. Most importantly, the paints are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D4236; that means you need no anxiety in terms of hygiene. As the paints are waste-based, you could easily wash them out. And art will seem an enjoyable and creative hobby for you, no matter how experienced you are.

All the provided materials are durable and easy to clean up. One of the significant features of this paint kit is the supply of a color mixing guide. Whenever you will get stuck in combining your favorite colors, you could take a look over the guide and find the right direction to do well. If you need to paint on tabletops, desks, or home canvas, then this set can be your best companion as the table easel will give you much pleasure to do so. You could work on motor skills and precision through the variety of strokes of brushes. Considering all aspects, you may choose it right away to find a huge difference in your artistic career.

Key Features

  • The set features one sturdy, adjustable, and versatile wood easel with scratch-free rubber bottom.
  • It contains two blank canvasses to allow you to create incredible masterpieces with no disruption.
  • This paint set contains up to 12 vivid, vibrant, non-toxic, non-fade, and smooth colors to aid you.
  • It comes with five paintbrushes of different sizes and strokes to help you get your paint more gorgeous.
  • You will have a convenient ten-well color mixing palette and a color mixing guide through this paint set.

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4. Nicpro Beginner Acrylic Paint Set

Beginners need the best supplies to begin their craft. This paint set can help them learn any painting style along with providing all the requisite materials. In order to have a flourished painting career, you may set your mind to this set as it’s regarded to be one of the best painting kits for beginners. You will find 24 rich pigment colors to decorate your projects with much pleasure. The paints are water-soluble, so you can create detailed works of art without spending a fortune on brushes. Moreover, these are suitable for most of the surfaces including wood, canvass, plastic, glass, ceramic, foam, and so on.

The 12 different paintbrushes also included allowing you to create color gradients or add texture to your work. Since the brushes come in distinctive shapes and sizes, you will find various strokes to tackle huge tasks. The box has a great color mixer in order to mix colors and paint your artwork. The set includes two packs of cotton, a hand-stretched canvass surface, and a plastic knife to apply thicker paint. An instruction book is also provided to help you learn the basics of painting. That means it will become an art guide for you as you will learn how to paint items such as houses, bridges, flowers, and trees.

A color wheel is an extraordinary inclusion of this set. You could paint spontaneously on any height as it comes with an adjustable, flexible, and durable wood easel. In order to give you optimal convenience, you will have a paint tray through this premium-grade painting kit. Most importantly, you could glue over the high-quality MDF backboard through the high-pigmented colors. The color will dry soon and never fade away. In a word, you’ll find all the required stuff and advantages through this set to get your job successfully done.

Key Features

  • The painting set comes with 24 rich pigments, vivid, smooth, and vibrant colors to allow you to paint over surfaces.
  • This set consists of 4 pieces of canvas panel and a color wheel to let you start painting right now.
  • It features 12 different sizes and shapes brushes to offer you different functions and strokes.
  • The inclusion of a wood tabletop easel, a sharp knife, and other necessary accessories make it highly adorable.
  • You could paint over glass, fabric, ceramic, wood, plastic, craft foam, and many more surfaces through it.

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5. LOOMINI Painting Kit: 24 Acrylic Paint Set

Paint sets are available in many sizes and qualities. The best ones have various-sized paints, paintbrushes, some type of surface for painting on, and a means of displaying the finished painting. You can take a look at this one as it provides an assortment of colors and brushes to create a variety of artwork. To chase your artistic aspiration, this set will offer you 15 different sizes of brushes in three unique shapes. The brushes are double-clamped and feature ergonomic handles. All the brushes have extra-strong ferrules and nylon bristles. You will have consistent flow control through them.

You could paint over the surfaces smoothly and efficiently as it features 24 rich-pigmented colors. The colors won’t fade away and be distorted. The paints are non-toxic and can be applied on foam, ceramic, murals, and many more surfaces. To let you start painting instantly, the set comprises numerous acid-free, medium-weight, and cotton stretched canvasses. A sturdy, robust, and portable table-top easel is included to allow you to keep painting as your wish. The easel is crafted with a leather handle to offer you optimum comfort in carrying and handling.

It also has three sectional drawers to let you organize your painting accessories. To ensure proper maintenance and storage of brushes, the set comes with an elegant zippered pouch. Most surprisingly, the easel can function as a wet canvass carrier in order to let you safely transport artwork advantage. You could easily convert the easel into a travel case while you’re outing. It’s undeniable that the set features all the must-have accessories and is ideal for artists irrespective of experience level and age.

Key Features

  • The painting set comes with 43 pieces of painting supplies to offer you a great painting experience.
  • It features 15 brushes in different sizes and shapes to allow you to have a perfect stroke over surfaces.
  • This incorporates 24 rich, vivid, vibrant, and high-pigmented colors to let you create stunning artwork.
  • The set has a premium-grade, sturdy, and portable tabletop easel to be ideal for small and large-scale paintings.
  • You could paint over canvass, ceramic, craft foam, glass, fabric, clay, and many more surfaces through this set.

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Factors to Consider Buying Painting Kits for Beginners

  • How durable the painting kit is?
  • How easy is to use it?
  • What are the dimensions of the item you are going to buy?
  • The price: You, of course, need to consider the price carefully of all the available painting kits. After taking into consideration the price that suits best with your budget choose the one that matches the desired quality. This does mean that you go for fairly-priced products rather than cheap options in fact.
  • The ingredients: Painting kits come with different products and accessories. Make sure that these accessories boast safe ingredients for the safe use of the skin of your kid. Pick up reliable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, FDA-approved, and non-chemical ingredients.

Painting Supplies You Need for Painting

When you do painting, you need some essential painting supplies, for example, acrylic paints, brushes, and something to paint on.

Paints: Best quality acrylic paints including black, white, yellow, red, blue, green, and purple colors.

Paint Brushes: You will need a minimum of one soft bristle brush for creating the soft watercolor-type painting and one stiff bristle one for thicker painting.

Canvas: Canvas is better than paper for acrylics although you might want to use sketch paper to practice. It is cheaper but using acrylic paint thinned with water might mean it soaks through the paper.

A Palette: You can use a plastic palette rather than a wooden one, acrylic oils tend to dry out on a wooden palette.

Knife: A palette knife to mix paints with.

Containers: A couple of containers of clean water.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to painting, we all know that there are a lot of different supplies involved. Brushes, paint, and canvases all come into play when you set out to create a masterpiece. But what if you’re just starting out? What if your artistic skills consist of using crayons and markers for your art projects? There are some best painting kits for beginners out there that can help you get started on the right foot.

However, you should be mindful of their budget when purchasing a beginner’s painting kit. I would like to recommend that you purchase the kit that offers the best price for the quality of paint to avoid wasting money on paints. The kit must include all the necessary items to paint, including brushes, palettes, and other tools needed to create a masterpiece.

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