November 28, 2022

5 Best Oil Painting Starter Kit

You have an intense passion for painting and a full-grown painting kit seems the essential tool for you at this moment. It will present you with all the supplies you need to carry on your artwork. To be honest, a specialized kit can turn you into a successful and professional artist for a lifetime.

So you should search for the best oil painting starter kit instead of the usual one. It will develop the paint quality, consistency, and durability at a great margin. You will find dreamed success even at the initial period by dint of a classical kit.

Picking the best oil painting kit might be a little challenging while getting started with oil painting is fairly easy. Because there precisely are so many best choices available in the market. Artists who have been painting for a while have their own favorite brands, brushes, palettes. I am here providing reviews and recommendations of that type of popular brand that would be practical to choose a great oil painting set for beginners as well as professional artists.

Best Oil Painting Starter Kit

Brand Name Image Rating Price
U.S. Art Supply 63 Piece Oil Artist Painting Kit 9.2 View on Amazon
Royal & Langnickel RSET-OIL2000 Regis Oil Color Painting Box Set 9.2 View on Amazon
MEEDEN 46 Pcs Oil Painting Set with Beech Wood Tabletop Easel Perfect for Beginning Artists 9.3 View on Amazon
Ohuhu 56pcs Artist Oil Painting Set and Oil Art Supplies 9.2 View on Amazon
Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set for Beginners 8.8 View on Amazon

1. U.S. Art Supply 63 Piece Oil Artist Painting Kit

It always breaks into the top of the choice list as it contains fully equipped art supplies. You will get everything you need to get started sketching, painting, drawing, or coloring in this kit box. The kit comes with 63 pieces of art materials to begin experimenting with beautiful artwork. You will find 24 different oil paints to bring diversity to your creative works. All the paints are well-saturated and great for a vivid outlook. The inclusion of four full canvas sets with an oil painting pad will make your painting journey easier to accomplish.

It features 10 pieces of bristle and 15 pieces of multi-purpose brushes to ensure smooth stroke during the working time. You will find a color mixing wheel to get your job successfully done. The E-500 series standing easel incorporates a 12 inches drawer and wood palette to offer you optimum support in creating stunning projects. It seems handy for beginners due to the inclusion of 10 well-plastic palettes with thumb holes. Thanks to the 24-12ml oil paint color tubes as you find unprecedented support in concentrating on your job.

In addition, the kit is equipped with 5 pieces of plastic palette knives to take the best care for you to accommodate everything. It will be nice to carry around you prefer and be in service for a long time with no hassle. Most importantly, you will have all the necessary art instruments at a reasonable price. You will be impressed with the quality and performance of all the provided materials. The overall dimension of the kit is 25 x 18 x 8 inches and the weight is only 19.2 pounds.

Key Features

  • The kit comes with a first-rate sketch box easel with a wood palette and drawer to bring optimal productivity for you.
  • It features a total of 4 canvasses in different dimensions with an oil painting pad to make your artwork excellent.
  • You will have 24 different oil paint with vivid pigments to create eye-catching projects.
  • It’s equipped with a total of 15 pieces of brushes to offer you a smooth and precise painting advantage.
  • The color mixing wheel, knife set, and oil paint color tubes will ensure optimum convenience while working.

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2. Royal & Langnickel RSET-OIL2000 Regis Oil Color Painting Box Set

You can reach out for the Royal & Langnickel paint set to bring your painting skill to the next level. It will improve your expertise and confidence by offering all the supplies you need to carry on. The set features 12 Regis brushes to ensure a smooth and effortless painting session. All the brushes are thick and can adjust to all sorts of painting techniques. You will have 10 oil paint tubes to have superb performance and resiliency. The tubes are constructed naturally to hold a generous amount of paint. It seems fabulous with the assembly of an oil painting booklet.

Meanwhile, it incorporates a wooden stylus, an apron, and a graphite pencil to give utmost support in creating magnificent artworks. The inclusion of a first-class plastic palette, an eraser, and a palette knife, will enable you to perform everything appropriately. It features a user manual to instruct you to the letter how to apply the materials. You could figure out the exact positioning while you’re drawing a human figure through the guidance. As it offers an extensive sketching pad, you will be free for creating portrait painting, abstract, and scenery.

Compared to other conventional sets, it has been distinctive with the wooden storage box. The box is capable to keep all the tools organized. You could carry it anywhere you want for the sake of working. It will be a great investment for you if you pursue this quality one ahead of other sets. Considering all the features and amenities, it deserves to be the best oil painting starter kit in the present market. The overall dimension of this kit is 13.88 x 2.5 x 6.88 inches.

Key Features

  • This painting kit consists of 12 Regis brushes to be fit for all the painting methods.
  • It’s has been handy for a beginner with the inclusion of a how-to-guide and 12 oil painting tubes.
  • The kit features a flip-up brush organizer and a wooden storage box with a handle to ensure optimal support.
  • You will find an oil painting booklet, a plastic palette, and a graphite pencil through the package.
  • It comes with a palette knife, a wooden stylus, and a white eraser to make your working session appreciable.

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3. MEEDEN 46 Pcs Oil Painting Set with Beech Wood Tabletop Easel Perfect for Beginning Artists

The MEEDEN can be your best pick as a beginner-level artist. It includes all the necessary painting supplies considering the benefit of an amateur artist. It will add life to your artwork with 24 different colors. The colors are saturated with high-quality pigments to ensure excellent brightness and transparency. You will have the convenience of color blending, smooth consistency, and increased glazing through the paints. It surpasses all the competitors in terms of fantastic coverage.

It includes a total of 10 pieces of professional-grade oil painting brushes to offer you smooth painting. All the brushes are manufactured with long hair bristles, aluminum crimpled ferrules, stiff head, ergonomic handle, and nylon case. The stretched canvas panels are perfect for acrylic and oil painting. These are acid-free, hundred percent cotton, and highly favorable for new artists. The oval-shaped wooden palette will contribute a lot to improve your working confidence and expertise.

It will engage you in painting for long hours with the sturdy H-frame table easel. The easel offers four instant height adjustment settings and equipped with an adjustable bar. You will be satisfied with the service of color oil paint tubes and plastic palette knife sets. In a word, it will meet your simple painting needs at an affordable price. It’s very easy to use and travel-friendly. Apart from a primary-level artist, an experienced one can also purchase this effective kit to get everything in favor of him or her.

Key Features

  • It’s a perfect kit for beginners and includes all the supplies that need to get started painting in full swing.
  • The kit features richly pigmented colors to increase the glaze of your artwork.
  • It incorporates a solid beechwood easel to aid you most in creating impressive art projects.
  • You will have some acid-free canvasses and an oval-shaped wooden palette through this kit.
  • It comes with some classical oil painting brushes and a plastic palette knife set to help you.

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4. Ohuhu 56pcs Artist Oil Painting Set and Oil Art Supplies

It’s by all means, to be the best oil painting kit with 56 pieces of art supplies. You can persist with such a versatile artistic set to put down your creative ideas. It features 36 different color oil painting tubes to offer you all sorts of hues and shadows in artworks. The inclusion of ten bristle brushes will allow you to keep painting precisely and smoothly. These can be used for a long time and features shed-preventing hog bristles. You will find three canvass panels and three stretched canvasses to carry on painting with much concentration.

The surface of the canvasses made of pure cotton and highly effective for acrylic and oil painting. You will find highly pigmented vibrant colors through it to unleash your imagination and creativity. The paints are perfect for landscape, portrait, abstract, and scenery painting. It will bring optimal outcomes for you with the provided two plastic palettes and a color mixing wheel. 14 inches painting easel will help you to find superior support to practice on whiteboards, sketchpads, and chalkboards.

This premium quality set is ideal for professional artists, beginner artists, students, and kids. It’s very cost-effective and all the materials are easy to navigate. Nothing can beat it in terms of making a glossy and embellished finish. The overall dimension of this kit is 16.3 x 12.52 x 5.43 inches and the weight is 4.69 pounds. It’s portable thereby you could carry it anywhere you desire. All the promising artists prefer it over other kits to develop both experience and confidence.

Key Features

  • The kit comes with a 14 inches A-frame painting easel for displaying your artwork.
  • It features 36 high-pigmented and bright colors to add extraordinary glaze to the art projects.
  • You will have a total of the real cotton canvasses and three canvas panels through this kit.
  • It includes 10 sturdy professional bristle brushes to ensure optimal comfort in painting.
  • It’s easy to use, cost-effective and serves for a long time without any hassle.

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5. Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set for Beginners

If you’re just going to enter the world of oil painting art, you can secure it on the first attempt. It features all the essential tools you need to thrive in painting overnight. You will find 10 oil paint tubes and two canvas boards through this top-rated painting set. Besides, it will offer you six sturdy and long brushes to keep painting with much comfort over the surface. The inclusion of one instruction book will contribute a lot to enhancing your expertise level. It will teach you how to deal with new mediums.

It has been exclusive with the inclusion of one bottle of refined linseed oil. The attachment of one plastic and one well palette will bring many outcomes to you during the painting period. It also assembles a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, and a palette knife to offer many advantages to you. The convenient wooden storage keeps track of all the tools. The storage is portable and comes with a handle. It conforms to ASTM D4236 and suitable for all artists irrespective of expertise levels.

You will get prolonged working time with quick-drying convenience through the provided art components. There is no need for a primer mixture to have decent paints over the canvasses. All the materials are ideal for portrait, landscape, abstracts, scenery, and many more paintings. It will cost you a little money and ensure a great visual result for you. You could carry it anywhere you need to work with. It’s a convenient artistic kit for adding real-life to the artwork.

Key Features

  • The kit is ideal for beginner artists and comes with a how-to guide to instruct them.
  • It features 10 different oil paint tubes to bring much embellishment to the artwork.
  • You will find six durable, long, and efficient brushes to accomplish the painting precisely.
  • It ensures optimal support with the arrangement of two canvass boards and a plastic palette.
  • The kit incorporates a palette knife, a sharpener, a pencil, and a convenient storage box.

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The Bottom Line

Oil painting is popular among art hobbyist people around the world. It’s the best way of expressing imagination and creativity. An artist needs to gather some essential tools to get started. And it seems challenging to manage all these one by one. Hence a painting kit seems the best solution for the new and enthusiastic artists. The tendency in choosing the best oil painting started kit among beginners is above the mark.

However, if you’re in the same boat you can scan the above-mentioned products. You will find all the necessary tools at an affordable price through those kits. Your expertise and confidence level will also go beyond your expectation if you keep practicing with a high-grade starter kit. It’s up to you what you prefer most, but you have to keep your eyes open while selecting a particular art material set.

Best Painting Kits for Beginners

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