November 28, 2022

5 Best Colored Pencils for Realistic Drawing

An impeccable colored pencil is a key tool for a professional artist. It has a great need for realistic drawing. An artist can’t pass a single day without the assistance of quality colored pencils. If you’re associated with drawing or crafting, you must be tended to grab the best-colored pencils for realistic drawing. Are you here to determine the perfect one for your drawing projects?

However, it doesn’t matter how experienced you’re in choosing fine and vibrant colored pencils. Here are some of the classical pencils to help you to create amazing artwork. You will have immense benefits from the following pencils in having a solid basement to the world of drawing.

Best Colored Pencils for Realistic Drawing

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Castle Arts Themed 24 Colored Pencil Set in Tin Box-perfect ‘Portraits’ colors for Realistic Results in Drawing 9.4 View on Amazon
Soucolor 180-Color Artist Colored Pencils Set for Drawing, Sketching, Shading, Blending, Crafting, Adult Coloring Books 9.4 View on Amazon
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils | Art Supplies for Drawing, Sketching, Adult Coloring 9.6 View on Amazon
Arteza Professional Colored Pencils Set of 72 Colors-Art Supplies for Drawing Art, Sketching, Shading & Coloring 9.4 View on Amazon
Intsun 50 Colored Pencils Set-Drawing Kit with Portable Roll-Up Canvas Bag Ideal for Adults, Artists, Sketchers & Children 9.4 View on Amazon

1. Castle Arts Themed 24 Colored Pencil Set in Tin Box

You can confidently choose the Castle Arts colored pencil set to give your artwork real life. The pencil set holds some extraordinary pencils to offer realistic drawing performance with no hassle. You will have 24 hand-picked and premier colored pencils to create impressive art projects as per your preference. The pencils are perfect for making more expressionistic styles and an inspiring portrait. With the highly pigmented and rich cores, you will find superior support in coloring your artworks.

Besides, the 0.3mm centered cores seem highly favorable to achieving realistic skin tones. You will be astonished at the excellent layering and blending quality of the pencils. During the drawing period, each pencil will allow you to add depth, shadow, and character to your portraiture work. Every pencil becomes pre-sharpened and offers a more vibrant color all along. Most notably, the tips will never break away while you’re drawing. All the pencils are water and fade-resistant. They won’t smudge if you become busy with coloring stuff for a long period.

Meanwhile, the attachment of a non-slip grip will rescue your hand from being tired. The lightweight design and excellent color combination will give optimal backing to have wonderful results. It includes a step-by-step tutorial to leave your worries behind. You could enjoy freedom in choosing the pencils according to your needs. The set will cost you comparatively little to purchase. You will be highly satisfied with the service and become stimulated to keep on drawing for long hours.

Key Features

  • The pencil set comes with a total of 24 high-pigmented colored pencils to offer you optimal results.
  • Each of the pencils holds a soft series core to deliver you top-quality blending and layering scope.
  • You will have a soft, smooth, and smudge-free drawing facility through the pencils.
  • The pencils are resistant to fading and capable to add shadow and character within the artworks.
  • Each pencil comes with a lightweight, unique, and user-friendly design to aid you the most.

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2. Soucolor 180-Color Artist Colored Pencils Set

The Soucolor pencil set seems to be highly preferable to almost all experienced artists because of its excellent coloring ability and optimal facility. You will have up to 180 colored pencils to create stunning artworks as per your sweet will. All the pencils come with standards cores and high-vibrant colors to render you superior drawing service. The pencils are easy to sharpen and feature soft leads to make your art projects realistic. All of these are highly perfect for drawing, sketching, and coloring books.

The rich color pigment will provide you with smooth coloring, flawless blending, and consistent shading. Each of the pencils is resistant to fading, cracking, crumbling, and breaking. As the pencils come with odor-free and non-toxic materials, you will find optimal safety. During the drawing period, your hands will get superior comfort as each pencil holds a soft grip. Soft wax-based pencils need less sharpening and serve for a long time.

Compared to other colored pencil sets, this set is convenient to store and keeps all the colors visible. You will need little to no time to find out a certain colored pencil as every pencil becomes labeled. The great dryness and affordability will tempt you to belong to it for years. With the delicate color saturation and excellent gliding capability over paper surfaces, this color set has been handy for big projects. Most essentially, you will also have semi-transparent layering through each pencil.

Key Features

  • The pencil set comprises 180 colored pencils with high-pigmented and vibrant colors.
  • You will have excellent coloring, drawing, shading, and blending advantages through the pencils.
  • The pencils have soft leads, quality cores, and dry out quickly compared to other pencils.
  • Each of the pencils is easy to sharpen and resistant to fading, breaking, and cracking.
  • The pencils come with odor-free and non-toxic materials to ensure optimal safety for you.

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3. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

You can look for the Prismacolor colored pencil set to have smooth and fast-drying drawing convenience. These premier pencils are prompt to layering and blending more effectively than other traditional pencils. All of your drawing works will find real life with the highest color vibrancy of these quality pencils. The pencils feature richly saturated pigments to make your artworks highly adorable. And the combination of 72 top-rated colors will aid you most in crafting masterpieces as per your desire.

The soft and thick cores claim the pencils to be the best colored pencils for realistic drawing. You will have perfect shading and shadow through the classical cores. In addition, the inclusion of thick and robust leads will offer you a thoroughly crack and smudge-resistant coloring opportunity. All of the pencils are designed to provide you with ultra-smooth and even color laydown. As the colors become blended, you will find artist-quality results all along. The pencils are waterproof and slow to wear.

Each pencil will allow you to have an effortless transition between lines over all sorts of surfaces. You will have remarkably reduced breakage during the coloring period through the pencils. The set includes a convenient tin case in order to keep all the pencils organized. The smart labeling approach will aid you to identify a certain color at ease. In a word, you will find all the required advantages and facilities you need to create eye-catching illustrations through pencils.

Key Features

  • The pencils come with superior blending and shading convenience to allow you to create something as per your imagination.
  • Each of the pencils is manufactured with a softcore to deliver you smooth color laydown.
  • You will have 72 high vibrant colors and lower breakage through this pencil set.
  • The pencils feature thick and durable leads to resist breaking, slipping, and smudging.
  • You will have unparalleled quality with the richly saturated pigments all along.

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4. Arteza Professional Colored Pencils Set of 72 Colors

Are you seeking affordable colored pencils of professional quality? If so, the Arteza pencil set can be your right option. The set consists of 72 colored pencils with high-vibrant colors to make your artwork heart-touching. All the pencils will blend beautifully and layer effortlessly on your surface. You will have a smooth glide across the paper through each of the pencils. The rich and deep coverage of every pencil will win over your heart during the coloring period. A broad array of saturated colors will aid you to get your job successfully done.

The break-resistant cores and comfortable barrels differentiate the set from other regular pencil sets in terms of usability. You could sharpen the pencils at ease without forcing any aggression. For having easy color identification, each pencil is labeled and numbered. The non-toxic and odorless materials will rescue you from all the potential health issues. Moreover, the wilder color assortment and artist-quality construction will bring far-reaching consequences for you to have realistic drawings.

The vivid colors can strongly resist fading. Your hands won’t get tired as each of the pencils comes with a comfortable grip. The durable metal storage tin will keep all of your pencils organized all along. You could carry the tin case anywhere you desire and work with the pencils superbly anytime. This pencil set is ideal for both kids and adults. The overall dimension of this product is 9 x 1 x 7.7 inches and the weight is 0.32 ounces. These pencils work well on wood, paper, textiles, and synthetics.

Key Features

  • The pencils come with soft and dense wax cores to give you optimal facility in drawing and coloring.
  • You will find a wide selection of colors with up to 72 high-pigmented color pencils.
  • Each of the pencils can resist fading and deliver maximum coverage to aid you most.
  • The pencils feature study and comfortable barrels and professional-grade construction.
  • You could indicate a specific colored pencil as all the pencils become labeled and numbered.

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5. Intsun 50 Colored Pencils Set-Drawing Kit with Portable Roll-Up Canvas Bag

From a beginner to a pro artist, everyone loves to patronage such a quality colored pencil set to create fabulous drawings. The set comprises 50 first-rate pencils to give you a wide range of options. Each of the pencils is ideal for drawing, sketching, coloring, crafting, and many more purposes. It will let you show off your creative side on the paper surface by giving excellent shading and smooth blending. The soft and thick cores will make your drawing projects highly appreciable.

Each pencil incorporates high-grade pigments to offer you rich color saturation. Most notably, the pencils are quite perfect for releasing stress and resisting smudge. To erase the tiredness of your hands, each pencil is manufactured with a comfortable grip. The 50-slot roll-up canvass pencil is included to keep the stuff neatly organized. You will have a sharpener and a user manual with this top-notch pencil set. All the pencils are from safe materials to be suitable for students and children.

As the core resource of the pencils is basswood, these seem highly environment-friendly. The cores won’t break easily like other traditional pencils in the course of drawing or coloring. With the harder lead and brighter color, this pencil set is regarded to be the most demanding set in the present market. Most surprisingly, you could purchase such a top-quality pencil set at an affordable price range.

Key Features

  • The set includes a total of 50 professional pencils in distinctive colors to aid you.
  • The pencils draw smoothly, resist breaking, and don’t fade away overnight.
  • You will have rich color saturation and stress-free coloring scope through the pencils.
  • Each of the pencils offers a superior blending and shading advantage in the course of drawing.
  • The used material is free from toxic and odor and you could manipulate the pencils for a long time.

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The Final Thought

A professional-grade colored pencil seems to be sustainable for professional work. You will have all the necessary benefits and optimal support in drawing whenever you will own the prominent pencils. As a sensible artist, you have to try heart and soul to pick the best-colored pencils for realistic drawing. Otherwise, it will a little bit difficult to reach your desired goal. Besides, you have to spend a lot on purchasing the pencils more often than you required.

However, as you’re at the bottom of the post, you’ve obviously found some of the top-quality colored pencils. All of the reviewed pencils are from standard brands and offer optimal facilities in the drawing. So you can opt for any of those without any further hesitation to bring out your cherished imagination and dedication. You won’t face any hassle during the coloring period if you go for our colored pencils without bouncing back anywhere else.

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