January 12, 2022

5 Best Acrylic Paint for Fabric Art

Acrylic paints have been profoundly loved by creative artists because of their highly effective usefulness. Artists apply them confidently to create amazing art projects of brilliant, high-gloss, high-pigmented, and workable paints. The paints must be adaptive to the various mediums and capable of providing smooth layering, texturing, and finishing that acrylic paints offer. If you’re carrying out artwork for years, you might know the importance of having top-quality paints very well. Finding out the best acrylic paint for fabric and canvas can be a bit challenging for you, no matter how experienced you’re in artworks since a massive collection out there.

All the brands are featuring almost the same about their performance, perfection, and accuracy. But it’s no wonder that all the products can’t be perfect for your specific purpose. So you need to sort out the ideal one that can meet your needs. Therefore, I’m going to acquaint you with some of the high-grade paint sets in order to make your collection process simple indeed.

Best Acrylic Paint for Fabric

Brand Name Image Rating Price
Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set for Fabric, Canvas, Wood, Ceramic 9.3 View on Amazon
Mont Marte 24 Colours 36ml Acrylic Paint Set Perfect for Fabric, Canvas, Wood, Leather, Cardboard, and Paper 9.6 View on Amazon
Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint Set of 20 Colors for Art & DIY Projects on Glass, Wood, Ceramics, Fabrics, Leather, Paper & Canvas 9.6 View on Amazon
Artecho Acrylic Art Paint Set of 18 Color for Wood, Fabric, Crafts, Canvas 9.6 View on Amazon
U.S. Art Supply 24 Color Set of Permanent Acrylic Fabric Paint 9.4 View on Amazon

1. Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set for Fabric, Canvas, Wood, Ceramic

You could make amazing fabric creations with the cooperation of this artist-grade acrylic paint set. The paints will leave a high-gloss, vivid, and permanent finish over the mediums. You will come across no bleed issues during and after the painting hours. The maximum color clarity and brilliance will aid you most to unleash your creative side with much perfection. All the paints are easy to mix up and you will find optimal consistency in layering. The versatile paints are applicable to canvas, ceramic, wood, paper, and more standout mediums.

Since these premium paints are made of a non-toxic formula, you might stay positive about hygiene. The fastest drying characteristics will provide you sublime consequences in your artworks. By producing a wide spectrum of shades and hues, they will allow you to create excellent texture over the surfaces. The paints are highly preferable for blending smoothly. As the paints are water-based, you could freely add water and other additives to the quench of your needs. You could clean up them with soap and water simply.

Three pieces of brushes are provided to make your creative journey easy to accomplish. The paints don’t wear off after washing, so you might stay calm about the durability of your paint. You will also find a gorgeous metallic effect on your artworks through these fantastic art supplies. All the paints are uniquely crafted for performing excellently on the dark fabric; therefore, you will have no limitations in use. The fabric paints have a low odor. Most importantly, you could secure the set at a reasonable price. Hence you can opt for it at the first attempt.

Key Features

  • The painting set comprises a total of twelve fabric paints to provide maximum brilliance and superior outcomes.
  • All the paints are highly saturated and made of non-toxic formula to assure you optimal health safety.
  • These are compatible with most of the mediums including ceramic, paper, wood, canvas, and so on.
  • You will find supreme consistency for blending, texturing, layering, and more approaches through them.
  • This paint set includes three brushes and the paints are vivid, pigmented, and rich in color.

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2. Mont Marte 24 Colours 36ml Acrylic Paint Set Perfect for Fabric, Canvas, Wood, Leather, Cardboard, and Paper

You might check out this fabulous acrylic paint set to create gorgeous fabric artwork. The set comes with a total of 24 vivid and rich colors to allow you to keep painting in full swing meeting maximum color requirements. You will find a high-gloss, vivid, and sheen finish over the surfaces applying these professional-grade paints. The paints are bleed-free and smudge-free. These become transparent after getting dried. The fastest drying capability puts them in high demand among professional artists.

Meanwhile, the provided paints will allow you to layer them without muddying your colors. They won’t wear off ever. You could insert water and other additives to make your paints stunning. During the painting process, the paints won’t suffer any cracking issues. You will find straightforward and comfortable acrylic painting convenience through the provided paints. Due to the water-based nature, these seem easy to clean up. One of the significant features of the paints is the good color saturation as you will be extremely benefitted through it.

The included paints are suitable on all sorts of surfaces including plaster, canvas, wood, leather, paper, cardboard, and plastic. Most noticeably, you could work on the air-dried clay through the high-pigmented paints. The color variation will aid you immensely to tackle bulk art projects. All the paints are workable and lightfast. You will find flexible application across the fabric with no interruption.

Key Features

  • The painting set features twenty-four different colors of paint to offer you professional-grade service.
  • You will find great coverage, creamy texture, solid layering, and quality finish through the paints.
  • All the paints are ideal for a wide variety of surfaces such as leather, plaster, wood, plastics, paper, cardboard, air-dried clay, etc.
  • The paints are rich in color, dry up quickly, and never causes smudge and bleed issue in the course of painting.
  • You could apply the paints with optimal comfort and clean them whenever you desire.

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3. Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint Set of 20 Colors for Art & DIY Projects on Glass, Wood, Ceramics, Fabrics, Leather, Paper & Canvas

If you’re ambitious to create imaginative and vivid art projects, you might pay heed to Arteza Craft Acrylic Paint Set. You will find a wide variety of color options to work with through this fabric paint set. All the provided paints are perfect for fabric, ceramics, glass, leather, wood, paper, and canvas. You will find maximum color richness and vivid finish through the paints. As the paints are formulated with high-end materials, you will get sublime color saturation and safety. These are free of odor and hardly cause cracking issues in the course of painting.

Moreover, you will find quick results as the paints dry swiftly. You will encounter no bleed issues while working with them in full concentration. The paints will let you include other additives if you feel the necessity of them. Most importantly, you will find optimal surface coverage in the course of crafting and decorating through multi-purpose acrylic paints. The smooth blending, creamy-textured, and beautiful matte finishing will make you enamored during and after every application. You could clean them up with water and soap as they are water-based.

Apart from all the primary and secondary colors, you will have some fluorescents to work with through the intuitive paint set. All the paints work superbly, especially on the light-colored fabrics. They have a rich consistency and can produce gorgeous metallic effects. You could produce a subtle color scheme through the included colors. These will assure you of amazing hues and shades in all conditions.

Key Features

  • The painting set provides maximum color variations to give you optimal surface coverage in crafting and decorating.
  • You will find smooth blending, creamy-textured, and high-gloss finishing advantages through the paints.
  • The fast-dry and high-saturation formula will aid you remarkably to create stunning artworks within a short time.
  • You could add other elements to make your projects eye-catching and clean the paints with soap and water.
  • The paints are suitable for all sorts of surfaces and never cause cracking, bleeding, and smudging issues.

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4. Artecho Acrylic Art Paint Set of 18 Color for Wood, Fabric, Crafts, Canvas

As you’re on the search for the best acrylic paints for fabric, you might opt for Artecho acrylic paint set confidently. You will incredibly find everything you’re seeking through this set. With up to 18 color paints, the set will meet all of your requirements to create amazing art projects. You will never come across any odds related to the paints if you simply carry the paints along with you. The paints will allow you to develop a stunning color scheme to perform gigantic artworks. All the paints are rich in color. The excellent color saturation will allow you to create stunning art projects all along.

The included paints are fast-wash and extremely durable. They won’t wear off after the washing. Even they won’t make any crack and bleed issues while you’re layering and decorating. You will find creamy and glossy texture on all surfaces, no matter how harsh the surfaces are. They will glide smoothly onto fabric, paper, ceramic, wood, cardboard, leather, etc. The acrylic paints will ensure you extensive coverage with fine details. You will find superior consistency and comfort to deal with them.

You will find superb color clarity and brilliance through the paints to create excellent shades and hues. These will allow you to mix up various colors to leave a creative mark on the projects. Need to highlight that, all the paints are acid-free, non-toxic, and hygienic. The children can get in touch with them with no scare as they conform to ASTM D-4236 and EN71. One of the distinctive features of the paints is the UV light luminosity.

Key Features

  • This acrylic paint set comes with eighteen vibrant colors to allow you to keep painting, layering, and texturing with much amusement.
  • You will find great covering power for large areas through the provided high-pigmented paints.
  • All the paints will glide superbly onto the surfaces including paper, fabric, canvas, ceramic, wood, and so on.
  • The paints will allow you a spontaneous mixture of colors and provide you glossy finish overnight.
  • The paints are non-toxic, versatile, easy to use, durable, and never wear off after washing.

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5. U.S. Art Supply 24 Color Set of Permanent Acrylic Fabric Paint

It can be one of your best choices with a view to creating glow-in-the-dark fabric. You will find optimal perfection, accuracy, and outcomes in your art projects when you will apply the provided paints appropriately. The paints will never make you dismay in terms of performance by leaving a smooth and vivid finish. You will be blessed with the abundance of colors since the set incorporates up to 24 unique and high-pigmented colors. The good saturation of color will make your artistic career highly progressive.

In order to bring your artwork to life, the paints are made of high-quality ingredients. The water-based and non-toxic formula will deliver you sublime convenience to keep painting in full rhythm. You could add your personal touch to fabric like leather, cotton, linen, and so on through professional-grade acrylic paints. These will provide you an extensive coverage with superior performance irrespective of the nature of your surface. Most noticeably, the paints are perfect for creating stunning effects on clothes, jeans, bags, shoes, and much more.

These high-pigmented paints dry up rapidly in order that you find leverage without any delay. The smooth consistency will allow you to manage subtle layering and texturing all along. You will be amazed to hear that the paints won’t crack or peel from extensive wear. Another astonishing feature of this paint set is the inclusion of a double-sided color mixing wheel as you could mix up a wide variety of colors at ease. You will also get seven paintbrushes through the set to make your painting thoroughly productive. So, from all the viewpoints, this set can be your right choice to push your artistic career to the next level.

Key Features

  • The set comes with dozens of eye-catching, vibrant, and water-based acrylic fabric paints to bring your artistic talent.
  • All the paints have extensive covering strength, smooth consistency, and quick-drying capability.
  • You could create stunning masterpieces on a wider variety of surfaces along with fabrics through them.
  • The paints are vivid, high-glossy, and highly pigmented, and never result in cracks or peels.
  • You will find superior comfort in use and could mix several colors at ease through the provided color mixing wheel.

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The Bottom Line

An aspiring artist can never think of painting until he or she owns high-quality paints. When it comes to leaving a creative mark on fabric, the smoothness, sheen, dryness, consistency, and other properties are inevitable to have with the paints. It’s vital to secure high-pigmented paints to make perfect layering, creamy texture, and polished finish.

You could leave a creative touch to your art project whenever your paints will aid you. Everything will seem to work for you if you apply the best acrylic paint for fabric that performs well on your surface. However, as you’ve already found a bunch of top-notch paint sets, you might set your mind for one of them. You will find all the facilities and advantages you actually expecting through the reviewed paint sets.

5 Best Fabric Medium for Acrylic Paint

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