November 28, 2022

7 Great Art Project Ideas for College Students

Nothing can make a college student happy, like creating a unique DIY art project. Usually, a college student is passionate enough to catch a new thing, whether it is a creative art project or anything new. Most college students can think and work independently, complete the task with full spirit, and judge every heart’s contents with an inquiring mind.

However, if you are a college student and are intended to head off your college in the coming fall, most likely creating a new art could be your best company to make you feel proud of.

The art project ideas you will proceed capable enough to change your boring life into a colorful one. Not only can it deliver your imagination into some valuable content, but it’s also an awesome device to help you nourish your mental, physical, and brain development.

So, the only matter that could pull you back from your creative journey is starting for a creative art project among the mess of so many options.

Let’s move on with seven great creative art project ideas for college students. Hopefully, this list will help all college students to get a budget-friendly, unique, and creative art project.

Art Project Ideas for College Students

Let learn new ideas to sharpen your creative mind with lots of innovative interactions. The hard work and dedication you need to hold for these projects offer an awesome feel with full satisfaction. Already it has seen many times, the students who take part in such projects suitably can earn a boosted mood full of happiness and heightened awareness.

1. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

An Embroidery Hoop Wall Art project would be a great art project Ideas for College Students. It is one of the most unique, incredible, quick, easy, and cheap DIY projects to decor the wall, reading table even the side of a coffee station. The most amazing matter of this art project is, it’s simply one piece of fabric but can ingeniously enhance your room elegance.

However, this project will demand an embroidery hoop, a fabric base (an array of gray fabrics fashioning by some highlighted print), industrial glue, embroidery needles, embroidery thread, additional decorative items like pearl, beads, glitters, etc.

At first, take few hoops, and cut pieces of fabrics according to the hoops’ size. Now stretch each fabric within the two wood rings very tightly. Start stitching according to the printed design (you also can draw your pattern like a star, rose, tom & jerry, panda). Once you have completed your stitching, now turn opposite of this hoop facing you. Use the craft glue to stick all the excess fabrics onto the back panel of your embroidery hoop.

2. Make a Customized Coffee Station

Who doesn’t want to take the fragrance of a fresh cup of coffee during a group discussion for a new project or exam? Usually, every college students are fond of coffee. However, you can enjoy an organized coffee station in your small dorm very easily.

To make a DIY coffee station, you will need- six maple wood pieces; measurement will depend on your coffee machine and the available place to set the station. Take two pieces of wood with L-18 inch W-9 inches & H-1 inch, another four pieces with the same width and same height only the length will be 9 inches. You will also need a wood board, wood glue, decor item (paint, wallpaper, and wood finish), a portable coffee machine, coffee mug, sweeteners with Cremer pitcher, spoons, and other coffee accessories.

When you make the wood pieces ready. Pick the place where you want to set this organizer; you can set it in at one corner of your dorm’s reading table.

It’s a customized coffee station so that you can make it at your wishes. It is suggested to make a three-chamber assembling four smaller wood pieces onto two larger wood pieces. As you have three chambers, you can easily organize your portable coffee machine, other coffee accessories on each chamber.

3. Build Your Bookshelves

Making your bookshelf project could be a great time utilizing art project ideas for college students on vacation. You can follow instructions here about making a simple & easy pine bookshelf using Meter saw and biscuits. You can also incorporate your friend or younger brother/sister as second-hand assistance for this task.

Things you will need for this project-45-degree a chamfer bit, a Biscuit joiner, Clamps, Cordless drill, Countersink drill bit, Framing square, Hearing protection, Miter saw, Orbital sander, Router, Safety glasses, Table saw, Tape measure. You will also need two pine board (1-1×6 x 10 ft.), two pine board (1-1×6 x 8 ft.), 1-2×4 x8 ft. pine (rip to 2x2s for legs), wood glue, wood screws, wood biscuits, wood screws, flat washers, pine board two pieces (2-1x8x8ft.)

As you have all accessories with a requirement material list, let’s take the initiatives to make the bookshelf. Cut all your wood pieces according to the measurement, sand all wood pieces until you get the finer wood surface. Then mark the shelf positions (on the shelf side). According to this marked orientation, you have to stick all wood parts, so carefully mark the shelf orientation. You can use masking tape to mark the shelf orientation.

Now cut slots for a biscuit joiner. Use wood glue to stick the bookcase together. Spread the glue on the biscuit joiner and the slot and carefully assemble all parts. Stick two pieces of 1×6 pine board/plywood board rather the using a solid wood board. Cut all excess wood parts, trim if necessary. Add all the legs, top. Finally, add the back panel.

4. Under-Bed Storage Case

Finding extra storage in a dorm is hard to find. If you could be a little bit creative, you can easily make plenty of storage space in your dorm space. However, let’s talk about the underneath of your bed. Most of the time, this place remains unused or crammed with other useless things. There are several means to make under-bed storage by own self, by which you can affordably get tons of storage space. It is like a win-win position; you will need a guideline on making this handmade under-bed storage box.

Supplies you need for this projects are-Plywood (2/3 ft), 1/12 woodcut into four pieces (37.5 x 34 inches each piece), Table saw Nail Gun, Nails, Corner Brackets (8 pcs), Handle, Castors (4 pcs), Drill machine, Hand Sander, Sandpaper, Stain, Wood Glue.

At first, you have to cut the wood pieces with the given measurement. Carefully use the saw, take all the safety measures before starting the cutting operation. Use the sander to give them a fine & smooth finishing. Now take your nail gun and assemble all the wood pieces to make the box. Stain the box, apply the wood finish. Finally, attach all hardware.

5. DIY String Art

String Art is a very common and popular art project idea for college students. Interestingly string art was popular usually in the ’70s. But as a DIY project, it again comes back to us. This project requires few materials, and it is one of the most inexpensive ways to represent your creative potentiality on your living room wall.

What will you need to make a string art?

Hammer, Scissors, Stained/finished/shaped wood piece, Linoleum nails (take one pack at first), embroidery floss, Tape gum, image or pattern for outlining other decors (optional).

The process steps to make a string art is so easy; anybody can go with it. However, at first, place the image or pattern on the wood piece. You have to outline the border using the nail. Use your hammer to place the nail as the outliner; once you have finished nailing, now use the embroidery floss again to outline the placed nail. But before that, remove the image you have placed to outline it.

Tightly tie the floss rounding the nails. Leave a long tail so that you can tie it off at the end of your whole process. However, once your outline is finished, fill the inner space using a crisscrossing/wrapping from nail to nail. (Fill side to side, top to bottom, corner to corner). Tightly tie off at the end of full filling. Several colored embroidery flosses will make your string art more lucrative.

6. Wallpaper Bunting

A wallpaper bunting (also known as a pennant banner) is mostly used in DIY artwork to highlight the party objectives. Any surprising party or preplanned one-both cases a wallpaper bunting becomes an integral part nowadays.

Materials and supplies you will need- ten pieces patterned scrapbook paper (My Mind’s Eye-Fine & Dandy), spool of ribbon, Acrylic paint (Ranger Ink Paint Espresso), glitter glue (Stickles Glitter Vintage Photo), scissor, paintbrush, double-sided tape gum, pencil, other decors (optional), etc.

Cut the paper into a square shape. Cut each square into a double triangle shape. If needed, use a pencil or ruler, etc. Make sure you have prepared the paper pieces into a folded triangle shape so that each of these pieces can be hanged from the ribbon very easily. Prepare the chipboard letters; you can add glitter glue to make them shiny. Attach all these alphabets to the triangle-shaped paper pieces. Unroll your ribbon and hang all the triangles. Use glue to stick both sides of the triangle with each other. Finally, hang your paper bunting up.

7. Body Art

Beautifying the body skin with body art is a matter of trend to today’s generation. Usually, body art is a wider term that features lots of body decorating options. Tattoos, Body piercing, Branding, Scarification, Dermal anchors, 3D body art, Beading, etc., are most popular nowadays. In western America, now tattoos and body piercing becomes the most popular among school or college students.

Let’s see a painless, temporary body tattoo-making process today. You will need perfume, printed design, sharpie, hair spray, tracing paper.

Get the design you like to make tattoos by which. If you do not have a printer, you can draw the design by yourself. However, take a sharpie, and make the design. Apply perfume on your desired area so that your skin area becomes stickier to stick the tattoo. Once you have placed the tattoo on the tracing paper, now place this paper on your wet skin area; it will transfer the tattoo from the tracing paper to your skin.

If you need any retouching, editing your tattoo design, you can move on at this stage. Now take your hair spray and spray on the design. It will harden your tattoo; will finely fix on your skin for a long time. It’s a temporary tattoo-making process that you can instantly make to attend any hip-hop party. As it is painless and it pulls no afford for the entire process, most college students have an affinity for it.

The Final Thought

Though we are approaching you seven creative mostly DIY contemporary art project ideas for college students, the fact is- all these art projects have become popular among all ages peoples, dame caring the skill level or their economic state.

Successful completion of an art project not only gives a good feeling for being successful. Rather more, people of all ages can get more benefits for the well-being of their mind, body, and wallet.

When you dive perfectly with a do-it-yourself project, obviously, you will get a new skill. Besides this, you can spend quality time with your friends, family, and relatives. You can save money and can be proactive.

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